We call members of our team "Angels of Nature" and we work passionately to serve people "Heavenly Fruits"


Lemon Packaging and Lemon selection Mersin Turkey
Angels of Nature

The angels work around the clock to bring you the gifts of nature; our heavenly fruits

Harvest Team

Our harvest team of ~500 employees receive special training from our quality department and are set to bring you the best quality...

Office Staff

Our office team is ready to assist you to maximize your operational efficeincy and confort.

Production Team

Our production team is an army of 33 and ready to deliver any challenge.

  • Berlin Fruit Logistica 2017

    Fruit Logistica Berlin was an awesome experience. We have established great relations with both our existing clients and new visitors. We would like to express our appreciations for your interest...

  • Hong Kong Fruit Logistica 2017
    Far East is very important for us, and we are at the major fair of fresh produce every year. Was a happy time with many friends around :)
  • Hong Kong Fruit Logistica 2018
    In Far East again :), this time was hard but worthy. We always eat the best sushi when we have the chance, and our chance is the Hk Fruit Logistica fair. This years fair was very productive, thank...
  • Berlin Fruit Logistica 2018
    Welcome to a new year on our main event :). Excited as always, it is a great experience to be there and meet with our partners from all over the world.
  • Berlin Fruit Logistica 2019

    Fruit Logistica Berlin busy as usual. On this great fair that we attend every year, today we are here with our new, young team. The world is our oyster and we are ready to deliver the heavenly...


There was a boy who always smiled and loved nature, more than anything else... He helped his father in the field with compassion. We share his spirit and love, on every stage, on every detail. With his touch our story of the lemon begins and with your touch our story ends, yet to begin another time...

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