Ecology is the most important feature of being selective. Middle season is orange flavor. It grows in the middle of January or early February. The other name is the Almond orphan, known as orange, with a flavor that is described as "excellent" in Jaffa, an almost seedless "sweet and beautiful". It is one of the most important table varieties. This fruit crust is yellow in color. Shell thickness varies depending on ecology. The shell thickness is almost 6.11 mm. In particular, the crust of the stem of the fruit is thicker. Its hard shell provides the criteria "particularly suitable for export" . The shell varies from rough to slightly rough. The fruit meat texture and the fruit meat texture are medium in the shell. Producing very little fruit juice is also one of the important features; but this is not suitable for fruit juice production.

Availability İn The Market: 

  •  January
  •  February
  •  March

Cargo Type: 

  • Ship
  • Truck
  • Airplane