" Fruit large, oblong-cylindrical; collared or short-necked; truncate at apex; prominent sharp-pointed conical nipple surrounded by pronounced areolar furrow, commonly deeper on one side; seeds very few.  Color yellow at maturity.  Rind thin, very smooth, shining; tightly adherent.  Segments 8 to 9; axis medium-small and solid.  Flesh color greenish-yellow; crisp and juicy; flavor highly acid with slight bitterness.  Crop produced mainly in fall and early winter.  Earliest of Italian varieties.
      Tree vigorous, upright-spreading, usually thornless; foliage moderately dense.  Leaves large and somewhat citron-like, with round-pointed blades, undulate margins, and short wingless petioles.  Moderately productive but does not respond well to forcing treatment and hence grown primarily for early fruit.

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  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

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